Apella Capital is a boutique financial advisory firm serving the mass affluent market. I was asked to revisit and strengthen Apella Capital's branding. Starting with the photography and armed with the tag line “Live Your Future,” I positioned an orange-stroked square element over each hero image as a way to represent a “window to the future,” and then treated the image colorization so that the focus area framed within the orange window is colorful and bright, much like the future of a client who invests with Apella Capital. I also chose aspirational images within the target demographic to further reinforce the “Live Your Future” messaging. The remaining components to the brand and treatments, such as the hierarchy, colors and shapes were further explored and refreshed. ​​​​​​​
Brand Identity
The idea behind this image treatment was that everything inside the orange frame was colorful and bright, much like the future of the people who invested with Apella Capital. 
Website Development 
The website served as an online brochure and was the primary extension of the brand. We rethought everything when building the site, from the structure, navigation and visual design. 

Brand Awareness Advertising  
The primary goal of this print ad was to create awareness of Apella Capital's existence in various locations. 
I used color and imagery to visualize the bright path prospects can expect when they become an Apella client. 
Presentation Template
I developed Apella's presentation as a blank canvas for a wide range of topics.

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